How Bad is Real Motor Inc's Fraud ? !!!!

Buying a car online can be a risky and a daunting experience, there are far more risks involved while buying a motor vehicle online in comparison to venturing out to a face to face dealer. Needless to say, online purchase is a convenient and increasingly mainstream way to find the car of your dream, but it's also the most common media where fake or fraudulent dealerships use to con people off.

As our company was to find out, you can never be too careful when you venture online to purchase motor vehicles. Scammers have mastered the art of making their activities appear legitimate by; registering a business, establishing genuine looking websites and using physical addresses in order to avoid Japanese government scrutiny.

As an experienced second hand motor vehicle buyers, and with a fleet of over three hundred commercial vehicles, our company was confident that we knew all the pitfalls of online buying, but we got a rude awakening, when we got coned by Real Motor

Real Motor appeared genuine, and at first contact with them, sounded reliable and professional, but nothing could have being farther from the truth. As we were later to find out, Real Motor Inc is made up off a small number of cronies operating from a small registered garage, but by appearance they seem established, thanks to numerous fake and enhanced photos on their website.

Real Motor Inc defraud online buyers in different ways
  1. Real Motor Inc drastically clock back the mileage.
  2. Selling dodgy cut and shut cars. This are makeshift cars comprised of more than one car put together that could literally fall apart at any time.
  3. Not shipping a car after payment, or months and months delayed shipping.
  4. Featuring vehicles they don't have in stock on their website to roar in potential victims.
  5. Concealing wear and tear.
  6. Real Motor ship different vehicle than the one paid for, usually broken or in bad condition.

If you are reading this you probably have being conned or was about to be conned by this expert scammers, take our hint, don't wire your money to them, you will end up CONED!

Tip: make sure to read Real Motor review carefully to learn from other consumers experiences!!!

We got coned so you don't have to!!! Avoid Japanese used cars - Real Motor are SCAMMERS

Real Motor Inc

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Real Motor SCAM

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